Newington College Parents and Old Boys Protest Coed Move

Newington College Parents and Old Boys Protest Coed Move
Newington College Parents and Old Boys Protest Coed Move


A group of parents and old boys from Newington College gathered recently to protest against the school’s decision to become coeducational. The move, which was announced by the school’s board, has sparked controversy and divided opinions within the Newington community.


Newington College, a prestigious boys’ school in Sydney, has a long history of providing quality education to its students. Established in 1863, the school has maintained a tradition of single-sex education for over a century. However, in a bid to adapt to changing times and cater to the demands of modern education, the school’s board made the decision to admit female students.

Parents’ Concerns

Many parents and old boys expressed their concerns about the coed move, arguing that it would fundamentally alter the school’s culture and traditions. They believe that Newington’s unique identity as a boys’ school would be compromised by the introduction of girls and that the school’s focus on male development and character formation would be diluted.

Impact on Students

Parents also raised concerns about the potential impact on the students. They worry that the introduction of girls may disrupt the learning environment and distract the boys from their studies. Some parents fear that the school’s academic standards may decline as a result of the change, while others worry about the potential for increased bullying or peer pressure.

Supporters of the Move

Despite the opposition, there are also supporters of the coed move within the Newington community. They argue that introducing girls to the school would provide a more inclusive and diverse educational experience. They believe that coeducation would better prepare students for the real world, where they will have to interact with people of all genders.

School’s Perspective

The school’s board defended their decision, stating that it was based on extensive research and consultation with educational experts. They believe that coeducation will enhance the educational experience for all students and provide them with a broader range of opportunities. The board also emphasized that the school’s commitment to academic excellence and character development would remain unchanged.


The debate over Newington College’s decision to become coeducational continues to divide the school community. While some parents and old boys strongly oppose the move, others see it as a positive step towards a more inclusive and diverse educational environment. Only time will tell how this decision will ultimately impact the school and its students.

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